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I will then want to carry out an examination to check out the functioning of your body in relation to the area you are experiencing symptoms. It is sometimes necessary for patients to remove some clothing to be adequately examined so for those less comfortable with this it advisable to wear loose clothes such as a t shirt and tracksuit bottoms or shorts. Basically whatever you feel comfortable in that will allow for unrestricted movement.

I will then explain to you my findings and what treatment I may be able to offer. If further tests or opinions are required prior to treatment you may be referred to your G.P. or a consultant. You may also have questions of your own at this point to help you decide on whether to proceed with treatment.




People respond in different ways to the various osteopathic manual approaches so it is important to tailor the treatment accordingly. This can be influenced by a person's age, general health, personal history and prior treatment experience so is subject to ongoing review and modification when necessary.

Reiterating my earlier comments, osteopathic treatment emphasis is not only about the physical therapy, however. Education about pain and appropriate exercise, exploring beliefs about the problem as well as exploring lifestyle issues such as job satisfaction and stress levels are some of the much broader picture that make for a person's sense of well-being or otherwise. It is my view that an understanding of the variety of factors behind the onset of even a very recent problem can prevent this becoming a long term issue.




New patients- £60

The first appointment can take up to an hour, this will involve taking your case history, assessment and beginning treatment, if appropriate.

Follow up appointments- £45

Follow up appointments involve ongoing review of your problem and continuation of treatment. These appointments can take up to 30 minutes.

We ask that you provide 24 hrs notice if needing to cancel an appointment.


Osteopathy for all ages and wages

It may be that you want treatment but money is tight this month. Why not take advantage of this option. Between 10.00 and 16.00 on Wednesdays you decide what you can pay. I want the scope of osteopathy to be available to all so am trialling this scheme. I take it on trust that you will value my treatment according to your pocket. If you, or someone you know, could benefit from this option please get in touch.


David Heath Osteopathic Practice in Congleton