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dh osteopathy - Treatment

What happens when I visit an osteopath?

On the first visit the osteopath will want to take a case history to find out about your problem, including:

osteopathic - Treatment
  • What you think may have caused your problem
  • What investigations/treatment you have received
  • Your general health/exercise/medication/diet

The osteopath will then want to carry out an examination to check out the functioning of your body in relation to the area you are experiencing symptoms. It is sometimes necessary for patients to remove some clothing for this so for those people less comfortable with this it advisable to wear loose clothes such as a t shirt and tracksuit bottoms or shorts. Basically whatever you feel comfortable in that will allow for unrestricted movement.

The osteopath will then be in a position to explain to you his/her findings and what treatment can be carried out. If the osteopath thinks further tests or opinions are required prior to treatment you may be referred to your G.P. or a consultant.

The Treatment

osteopathy - Treatment

Having assessed the functioning of your body, the job of the osteopath is to help to correct any imbalances that have been discovered in your musculoskeletal system.

Osteopaths believe this helps to speed recovery and maintain health.

The treatment can vary dependent on your age and type of problem.
Techniques include massage, joint articulation, muscle stretching, joint manipulation; where you may hear or feel a pop or crack from the joint, and craniosacral techniques that involve very gentle releases of tissue tensions.

The osteopath will want to know how you have responded to treatment, as people can find some approaches suit them better than others, and will tailor an approach that works with you.

You may also be given exercises that may benefit you.

Osteopathy - For more information please contact us at Congleton & Hanford

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