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About dh osteopathy

dh osteopathy is about working with patients to improve their health. This is achieved through the hands-on skills of osteopathy in part and through the exploration of those factors that contribute to the dynamic balance that will manifest either as a feeling of ease or dis-ease.

I enjoy seeing someone becoming free of pain; improving their activity levels; achieving movement that they thought impossible, getting back to activities that they thought were history and making lifestyle adjustments that enhance their well-being. This of course can require some hard work by both of us along the way.

Osteopathic work can be satisfying from being able to help someone out of pain with the various hands-on techniques that we have. It can also be enjoyable to do the detective work with someone to figure out what disturbed their usual pattern of functioning, what disturbed what normally makes them “tick” It can also be great working with someone who is just fed up of “feeling rough” and who is motivated to elevate their health state. This can mean time spent discussing management strategies, along with the hands on stuff.

I believe that the more understanding a person has of the many facets that can contribute to their well-being the more empowered they are to assume responsibility for their health.

Osteopathy - For more information please contact us at Congleton & Hanford

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